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Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

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This delicious jar of creamed honey is made with our very own Wildflower honey. Our creamed honey is delicately blended for a smooth, spreadable texture that is a delight for the senses (in fact, it's what got us into beekeeping in the first place!). Ideal for baking, spreading, or just enjoying a spoonful. 

What is Creamed Honey?

Creamed honey is actually raw honey that has gone through a controlled crystallization process. By mixing the honey over a period of several days, the large crystals are broken into smaller ones creating a smooth spreadable consistency. After storing it for a few weeks in a cool environment, the crystallization process is complete.

Creamed honey should be kept at a cool temperature to keep it a solid consistency. Although refrigeration is not necessary, it will help to keep your jar a spreadable solid.

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